CopyrIght and Permission to Use of Work

If you are seeking permission to use material from Denise and Randy’s work, such as excerpts or quotes,  please read the following:

It is permitted to use a short quote or two from  Denise and Randy’s work as long as the material is appropriately attributed and it is not used in any way to imply endorsement.  It should be properly credited with their full names and book title or webpage.*  Any excerpts larger than one or two short quotes, must be approved by the publisher,  Dandyworx Productions.  The publisher of HIRE with FIRE, requires that formal permission be given in advance if any person wishes to use an excerpt or copy from their materials. Permission requests can be submitted online at

Downloadable quotes found on the download page may be used by on social media or shared with friends.  However, any downloads, quotes or excerpts used in HIRE with FIRE may not be used or sold for commercial gain.

Hire with Fire